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Although a new game appeared in Vietnam, Wild Rift has attracted a series of famous gamers to attend. A series of stars who fought in the League of Legends and Arena Of Valor suddenly appeared to compete at the Icon Series SEA summer tournament 2021. Let’s take a look at some typical names with HYPRGAME!

  1. Minas Hong Phuoc (SBTC Esports)

Referring to Minas, the fans probably regretted one of the top AD carry in Southeast Asia. At GPL 2015, he and Saigon Fantastic Five took the throne when defeating Bangkok Titans, but could not go to the World Finals because of visa issues. It was also a rare highlight in Minas’ career in League of Legends before he officially joined Wild Rift and SBTC Esports.

On the other hand, Minas is also famous for the “dramas” surrounding the story of Optimus denouncing his younger brother Zeros. In the end, however, the contradictions were resolved. After a while, the audience saw Optimus and Minas regularly stream together like “there has never been a separation”.

2. Akeno Trung Hau (SBTC Esports)

Having had a period of time to play as a support for FTV Esports in League of Legends, Akeno is considered a fairly knowledgeable player in Wild Rift thanks to his available experience. Along with Minas, the former FTV star is considered the two key factors of SBTC Esports in the journey to conquer the Icon Series SEA summer 2021.

3. PS Man (RSG)

Once considered a legend in Arena of Valor Vietnam and playing for Mocha ZD team, PS Man has become famous and considered a legend of the game. However, he then left and took over the EVOS Esports team. Some time later, this guy officially returned in Wild Rift and played in the shirt of RSG as a support position.

4. Blake1 (Saigon Phantom)

Blake1 re-entered the professional arena when playing for Saigon Phantom. In the past, he played as a toplaner for Marines Esports or Swing Phantom (precursor of Saigon Phantom) before moving on to Wild Rift.

5. Tisus – Anh Tuan (Saigon Phantom)

Saigon Phantom is a rather annoying opponent at Icon Series SEA summer 2021 thanks to theris powerful members and seasoned experience. Not only Blake1, but also Tisus played League of Legends Mobile in Swing Phantom’s shirt before retiring. Now, he has reunited with his former teammate, but in a newer subject that is Wild Rift.

6. Gony (Saigon Phantom)

As a force in Arena Of Valor, it is not too difficult to understand when SGP actively encroached on Wild Rift right from the moment this game was introduced to Vietnam. And in the lineup of “The Phantom of Saigon” there is a very qualified name that is Gony. In the past, he played in the top lane role of the League of Legends team Saigon Jokers, and has worked alongside with legends such as the jungler Safety and AD carry Archie.

7. Vigoss Minh Dai (GameHome)

Vigosss had a time playing for X-Game, 269 Gaming or later Saigon Jokers. Joining the professional arena after his two siblings, Vigoss also joined top teams like GAM Esports or Phong Vu Buffalo.

In the case of Vigoss, his rare highlight is probably the time he joined Saigon Jokers. “Lost” for a while, the veteran support has officially returned to Wild Rift and joined the GameHome team.

8. Bé Chanh (GameHome)

In addition to Vigoss, GameHome also has another noteworthy player, Be Chanh – who was famous at Arena Of Valor when he competed in GameTV shirt. At that time, the star born in 1996 was also known as the “god of the forest”. Now, after a long time working as a streamer, Bé Chanh returns to the professional arena with a new challenge, the subject of Wild Rift.

9. Genza (Cerberus Esports)

Continuing to be a member of the Wild Rift CES team and also the name that used to play in League of Legends for the two teams of QTV Gaming and GAM Esports. When it emerged in the Vietnam Championship Series, Genza competed in the mid lane role in the country. However, after joining the GAM shirt, he mainly played in the ADC position, and at the same time did not leave too many marks before turning to Wild Rift completely.

10. Fei – Dang Phi (Cerberus Esports)

Fei is also known as Heaven. In the past, Fei was famous for his jungle role, and at the same time made a name for himself in three LoL teams, 269 Gaming, Saigon Jokers and FFQ.

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