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Jamill Scandal Now on Next Level — Just a Ploy to Stay Relevant?

Dethan Dario

Every influencer’s strategy is to sometimes create an issue in order to become relevant, and Jamill seems to be going that track.

JaMill Issue: Jayzam Cheated on Camille?; Female Vlogger Posts Heartbroken  Pic

Jamill has now elevated their scandal as with whom Jayzam cheated with have escalated their concerns to ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ who has a nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube, and Philippines’ top channel where victims raise their concerns publicly, mostly in a humiliating manner.

Dambie Tetsuan and Lyca Bernardo, who both claim that they were victims of public humiliation by Camille, went Raffy Tulfo in Action to raise concerns over the bashing that they are now both experiencing.

Dambie claimed that she now has a family on her own, and that the public humiliation that she is experiencing is painful both for her and her family.

Jamill Issue In Tulfo: Camille Fearlessly Faces Complain From "Kabit"

Lyca Bernardo on the other hand claimed that she was simply a victim, claiming that Jayzam Manabat himself told her that he and Camille are only in a ‘faux-relationship’ for the vlog.

Additionally, Bernardo claimed that Jayzam wanted to have a serious relationship with her, and promised her that it would be the real one, at least for Jayzam himself.

Camille, however, did not take these allegations lightly. A furious response came from the influencer, specifically saying that Dambie was ‘stupid,’ and that she should start using her brain more than her boobs.

“You know what, Dambie? You are literally stupid. Use your brain, not your boobs.” the influencer told live on radio, live television, and on YouTube.

JaMill faces complaints from 2 alleged "other women" on Tulfo show - The  Summit Express

Tetsuan on the other hand told that she was only a victim, adding that she thinks she was manipulated by Jayzam’s sweet words.

“I don’t know where I went wrong. I think I was taken through his words that’s why I sent him those photos,” Tetsuan told in relation to her nudes she has sent Jayzam.

Iskandalo nina JaMill, inayos ni Tulfo! - REMATE ONLINE

Bernardo’s case seems a little more of a wild ride as she utterly claimed that Jayzam indeed wanted to have a relationship with him.

“I thought he wanted a private relationship with me” she told. She also insisted that the couple were only together for the vlog.

“I actually thought they were only together for the vlog,” she claimed on the show.

It seems that Jamille have now become a trending topic online. This, following their staggering viewership weeks before Jayzam’s multiple issues which seemed to have happened one after another.

Camille Trinidad posts photo about crying amid Jayzam Manabat's cheating  issue ▷ KAMI.COM.PH

Following other influencers, most of them would create a social media issue in order to put their names to relevance.

If Jayzam’s plan is to do the same, it appears that it is clearly happening, and that it is well planned.

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