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Huskar, Phantom Lancer Dropped With Nerf Hammer, Is This an Ana Nerf?

Dethan Dario

The nerf hammer went down, and it had hit PL and Huskar real hard!

OG's Dota 2 pro player Ana achieves Radiant Rank 397 in Valorant | The  SportsRush

Following Ana’s return who showed a monstrous performance with Phantom Lancer in his comeback debut, Valve had dropped a massive nerf on the hero, also with Huskar.

Valve came back from its workshop after experimenting on what to balance following the 7.29 patch in order to create a stable ecosystem with Dawnbreaker.

Dota 2 update 7.29b: Major changes to Lycan, Lina, Phantom Lancer, and more

This time, 7.29b will focus more on hero changes– buffs and nerfs on more than 30 heroes, including the abovementioned monsters.

One of the changes also include a change on Anti-Mage whose base armor got a stage increase, and Elder Titan whose Earth Splitter delay was reduced from 2.8 to a funny 2.7182– both changes are smallest ones entire patch.

Hoodwink, the hero who was initially unplayable in ranked, had himself great buffs– a 65 to 75 percent increase on his Acorn Shot damage.

The 7.29b patch in Dota 2

Huskar, on the other hand, will definitely have a drop on his pick rate following huge nerfs on the hero– his agility got reduced, his Berserker’s Blood regen decreased, and his Lifebreak’s early cooldown got scaled-down.

Phantom Lancer on the other hand, Ana’s comfort hero which he abused on his debut with OG’s early fountain dives, got a huge nerf of his own after his base damage got decreased by two, his Spirit Lance is no longer buffed by a casting range through a shard buff, all other shard buffs got reduced, and his Phantom Rush also got a huge decrease. Other talents of the hero also got hit– Level 10 and 15 Talents were nerfed and swapped, giving him an additional 150 Health as an option at Level 10 and 16 percent Evasion at Level 15. 

The 7.29b patch in Dota 2

It seems that Valve took notice of the hero’s overpowered skillset after Ana abused the hero on his own comeback debut with OG who swept Brame in a merciless manner.

Do you agree that these hero changes are balanced for the new meta? Share us your thoughts on our social media pages!

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