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Floppy to Replace Relyks, Transitions from CSGO to Valorant

Vberni Regalado

The transfer of players from the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) to Valorant seems to be no longer just a rumor but a real social phenomenon.

The media insistently reported that CSGO no longer had current gameplay so it was only a matter of waiting for other games to emerge as competitors which eliminated CSGO’s existence.

It was evident from the news that had just appeared a few days ago. Cloud9, one of the famous teams from the US, has just provided surprising news to esports fans. The departure of Skyler “Relyks” Weaver from the lineup on the Valorant Cloud9 team apparently left a hole that had to be filled immediately by someone who had the same ability as himself. After Cloud9 considered various things, the management decided to replace the Valorant Cloud9 team lineup with someone from another division. Ricky “Floppy” Kemery from the CSGO Cloud9 team lineup was actually the one chosen by the management to replace Relyks’ position.

It’s surprising that Floopy has left quite a number of achievements in various CSGO competitions. Well, if we position as Cloud9, it’s difficult to replace Relyks with someone who can have chemistry with Cloud9. Game management patterns, strategies, harmonious suitability in doing teamwork are substantial things that will only be developed if someone has worked with Cloud9 for a long time.

Apart from that, from the Floppy side itself, it seems that you cannot refuse the offer provided by Cloud9. The $432,000 has been agreed by Floppy as a form of compensation for his cooperation for his willingness to become an icon of the colossal project Cloud9. It’s no surprise that Floppy is willing to follow Cloud9’s instructions.

General Manager of Cloud9 Henry “HenryG” Greer was also touted as one of the figures who made Floppy willing to accept Cloud9’s offer. He said that Floppy is a person who continues to grow from day to day through various kinds of forging processes. This is the reason to keep this 21-year-old man in Cloud9 even though he is different from his previous position.

Well, we just support it, hopefully Floppy can quickly adapt to Valorant’s gameplay so that it can once again make a name for itself in the history of esports. Should his instincts and shooting instincts obtained from CSGO be a good asset in his new team?

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