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Scammer, Now a Cheater? Girlfriend Exposes Womanizer Jayzam Manabat

Dethan Dario

Jamill’s channel sounds in danger because of Jayzam Manabat as his womanizing experiences explode.

Camille Trinidad, Jamill’s other half, uploaded on her Facebook page a shocking exposé which showed what appears to be an allegation saying that Jayzam would have sex with other women every time he and his partner are facing a conflict.

“Jayzam have checked in in Highland Bali with his good friend “Kim Gayo Womanizer” where all they did was have fun, drink, and think of nothing but bringing in women,” the shocking revelation read.

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Apparently, Jayzam have had numerous affairs with women under the names of Jaeanne Aligato, and Nyca Bernardo, women whom Jayzam kissed and had sexed with.

Camille also told in her post that there was one time when she was told Jayzam would be in Tagaytay for a trip, only to find out that they only went out to get some drinks and meet up with Nyca Bernardo, woman with whom Jayzam allegedly had sex with according to Trinidad.

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“All the time I thought they were in Tagaytay having a joyride, only to know that they went out to drink and meet with another girl. It hurts so much because this girl did not even think that Jayzam had a girlfriend, and they even had sex. I never thought she would be that girl (Nyca Bernardo),” the post continued.

Trinidad also told in a separate post that she was so hurt about what Jayzam did to her and that all she did to him was nothing but to support him only to get repaid with pain.

“You are all motherfuckers, what you did to me was so painful. I’m already full of this, I did nothing but to support you, love you, but what did you pay me? You hurt me?” she told.

However, netizens are doubtful about this new issue related to both influencers. Many are saying that this is just a ploy for April Fools.

Prior this womanizing issue, Jayzam have been in two scamming issues that went viral renaming him as ‘Jayscam’.

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