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Lost in Translation: Netizens Say Hoang My Adjusts Hoang Thuy’s English

Vberni Regalado

In episode 4 Road To Miss Universe 2020, Miss Universe Vietnam -Khanh Van conducted a mock interview with the guests, demonstrating her behavioral skills before entering this important contest at Miss Universe. The guests in the episode are: runner-up Vu Hoang My – Vietnam representative at Miss Universe 2011, runner-up Hoang Thuy – Top 20 Miss Universe 2019.

The online interview assumes an opportunity for Khanh Van to apply all the knowledge and skills learned to show how mature she is after 2 years of coronation. She also needs to give personal views on social and life issues. This is also an important part of the competition at Miss Universe, often accounting for the number of points that determine whether candidates are named to the top or not.

Supporting Khanh Van in the translation is Gary Thang Nguyen – who directly trained Khanh Van’s behavioral skills for the past time.

However, what is remarkable in this broadcast is the moment of controversy between Hoang Thuy and Hoang My during the interview with Khanh Van.

Receiving questions about bullying on social networks, Khanh Van had the opportunity to express her feelings because she was a victim on social networks. The negative information and criticism have greatly affected Khanh Van’s psychology, once made her hurt a lot. Faced with this issue, Khanh Van frankly shared: “At first, I was quite shocked by the unexpected things that came to me. After calming down, I read the comments and learned from experience for myself. I know it is the experience that helps me improve every day and always think it is a positive, not a negative “.

Following Khanh Van’s answer, Hoang Thuy added: “Do you support it?”. Immediately, Hoang My turned to remind: “You should not ask that question”. According to Hoang My, depending on how each person feels about bullying on social networks, but should avoid using the word “support – support”, fear that the audience will judge Hoang Thuy.

“People will judge you on that question. Of course nobody ‘support’. I mean ‘Are you supporting that?’, I think the word ‘support’ is wrong. It might be ‘Do you think right thing to do’ or I use a different word, but it is not correct if it means supporting cyber-bullying. It’s up to you ”- Hoang My straightforwardly adjusted Hoang Thuy.

Hoang Thuy explained that she used the word “support” because based on the answers learned from the comments on Khanh Van’s social network, the question was intended to help Khanh Van reveal more points of view. Hoang Thuy revealed that when she joined Miss Universe 2019, the jury could ask questions that were not related to her, but mainly to know the candidate’s perception of an issue and better understand the candidate.

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