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JAYSCAM? Jayzam of Jamill Shows Arrogance, Flaunts ‘Wealth’ to Defend Himself from the Scam Issue

Dethan Dario

Looks like the famous Filipino vlogger Jayzam from Jamill is facing another issue, and this time, it’s about scamming!

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Jayzam drew flak online after a post went viral tagging the influencer as a scammer after the post showed that he did not pay a certain artist for a graphic design.

Apparently, Jayzam outsourced an editing service from a certain Renato Moog for the influencers’ facemask merch.

May be an image of text that says '42m Jayzam Manabat 6h ago Lf Sobrang galing mag photoshop. Send kayo resume at samples nyo dito applytojamill@gmail.co m Sndmessage message'

On the post, Moog showed that Jayzam no longer replied to any his messages after he had given samples of his designs.

As shown on the series of screenshots showing their conversation, Jayzam told the artist that he wanted an exact price for the designs. After his commitment, Jayzam no longer reached out to the artist, forcing Moog to reach out to the influencer on different platforms.

Days after, however, Jayzam had uploaded another post outsourcing for graphic artists for the same purpose.

Moog claimed on his Facebook post that he did not want any of the money, as he was only thinking of the exposure he would get which would help his business afterward.

“…when he said yes I’m not thinking about the money. The exposure that I would get just in case my design gets printed would be a big help for my portfolio knowing that they are really famous,” Moog said.

Following the accusations, Camille Trinidad, the other half of ‘Jamill,’ said that he was a witness of Jayzam’s hardwork. She also mentioned that his partner did not deserve any of the bashing coming from netizens.

Despite the negative feedback from netizens, Jamill capitalized on the issue as the couple posted a content fully revolving around the issue where Jayzam explained his side.

Jayzam claimed that he had gotten too busy about his personal stuff, stating that he got too occupied with his other commitments.

He also begged netizens to not call him as Jay-scam as what he did was not a scam as he has yet to capitalize on the artist’s design.

The influencer also claimed that Moog was not answering any of his calls to talk about the issue. He stated that Moog may be too proud as his post has already reached a huge number of shares.

He also bragged that if the artist wants, Jayzam will pay triple the price of the design. He also added that they are willing to give all the amount that this vlog on the issue would get for the designer just to silence the running drama.

Following the issue, Moog posted on his Facebook that he had already agreed with the influencer. He exposed, however, that all the proceeds coming from the video will not go to him, as Jayzam claimed.

The artist said that he specifically requested that all the money must go to hospitals instead, in order to help those who are in need.

This, adding that he would not take down the post, so will Jayzam, as they have agreed on.

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