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Dingoz Cheats to Get Championship, Colludes with Weak Sister Team During PUBG Mobile Pro League

Dethan Dario

Looks like Dingoz is getting a name in the PUBG Mobile scene not for their skills, but because of cheating.

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Rumors circulating online tag Dingoz in a cheating scandal with their weaker sister team, JPNSEA, during the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) as both teams allegedly colluded in order for Dingoz to win the title.

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According to reports, Dingoz obviously sent JPNSEA out in-game to micro-target Team Secret, one of the biggest competitions in-game, in order to get an easy win.

Their game plan came-in very obvious as JPNSEA was a very weak team, having no points in the tournament.

Fans are now enraged online, citing that the action was very unfair for Team Secret as they were fighting 2 teams at the same time.


Speculations get even spicier as the accusations are coming close to reality after photos of Dingoz and JPNSEA having a ‘celebration’ together after the championship are starting to circulate online.

Fans also say that the organization appeared really guilty as the photo is now deleted online.

Team Secret noticed this action, forcing the team to callout Dingoz to speak the truth about the issue, of course in a very friendly, yet sarcastic way.

“Isn’t it fun to have friends, why do you have to delete posts about friends? Don’t be so scared! 🤣 Social media is a site to share friendship!” Team Secret posted on their Facebook page together with the now-deleted photo.


The PUBG Mobile community is now in discussion as to whether or not the administrators must put a heavy sanction on the team, specifically banning the organization from future tournaments as what they did reeked of ‘Match-Fixing,’ a heavy violation under the tournament’s rules.

It is stipulated under the rules that the organizations who offer, agree, or conspire to fix a match or intentionally and unfairly alter or attempt to alter, the results of any tournament game shall receive sanctions under the discretion or mercy of the tournament organizers.

Sanctions under the rules include: (a) verbal or written public warning(s); (b) prize forfeiture(s); (c) game forfeiture(s), (d) Tournament forfeiture(s); (e) forfeiture(s) of a slot; (f) suspension(s); and (g) disqualification(s) and ban(s), including from any future Tournaments or other events related to PUBG MOBILE or other PUBGM Official COMPETITION RULES 19 video games or esports properties owned or controlled by Proxima or its affiliates, as stipulated under the section 6.4.2 of the PUBG Mobile Official Competition Rules.


As the team celebrates, the PUBG Mobile community did not mince their words as they continue to tag the team as undeserving of their title.

Most fans say that Dingoz may have won the title, they have definitely lost respect.

Many comments from the community also say that Dominos, one of Dingoz’s partners, must cut ties with the organization to save themselves from shame, and clear themselves of having a ‘disgusting’ partner.

As of the moment, Dingoz has yet to release a statement regarding the accusations.

However, doing so will no longer give remedy to their now-stained names, blatant cheaters in a huge tournament. Coward, as many would say.

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