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OG Exploits Other Players to Qualify for TI While Core Team Takes Year-Long Vacation?

Dethan Dario

Organization built on ‘flower, and friendship,’ could just be a bullshit motto of OG.

Highest paid Dota 2 Players are from Team OG

It looks like OG is starting to build a bad name as Dota fans are now speculating that the team is just capitalizing on other players for them to qualify in TI while some of its core players are enjoying vacation.

“If Ana does come back, I doubt it will be until near TI. He said in one of his rare interviews that he doesn’t really think he’s cut out to play an entire season.” one Reddit user told, to which another user replied– “Ya he’s only cut out to be a certified baller and collect his pay check when the time comes”

Apparently, discussions and accusations are now arising tagging that the team are intentionally doing multiple roster changes every year just to make way for Ana, and lately for Jerax, to take a break.

The new players OG are taking on in the team yearly are only being ‘exploited,’ and are getting kicked out intentionally every before TI.

Players like MidOne and Sumail have had the fair share if this story, with Saksa now ‘possibly’ waiting on the line.

Still the same OG? How SumaiL, MidOne and Saksa fit in

Adding to the speculation, the idea ties-up with OG’s announcement last year itself saying that the team’s carry, Ana, would take a break from Dota and would be back this season.

“Our carry player and Io god @anadota99 will extend his break and come back for the next season. Rest well Anathan! #DreamOG” the full tweet said.

Spicing things up, Saksa could also be in danger as Jerax has hinted that he’s having a comeback after today’s patch.

“I’ll be back when the patch hits” the player tweeted.

Being the team’s primary support player, is OG kicking Saksa out of the roster to pave way for a possible Jerax comeback?

In all likeliness, this could be a timely OG-OG-team comeback as the squad is a player-away from having a complete roster since MidOne has been removed speculating an ‘Ana’ comeback, in-time for the ‘new season’.

“kinda unfair for the guy hes replacing though (if thats midone or whoever), think about it, u spend an entire year with a team only just to be replaced by some1 right when it matters,” one Reddit user told.

If all these speculations happen, OG’s name will get stained of having a disgusting organization who’s just capitalizing on other players and then leaving them just in time every before the game’s biggest tournament.

All these remain in speculation, however fans are inclined with this story and are feeling bad for the players who became ‘victims’.

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