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Ceberus Player Cancels His Own Contract

Vberni Regalado

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a new game in Vietnam. Despite being placed with great expectations and embracing the ambition to “usurp the throne” of Arena of Valor, this “dark horse” is constantly facing difficulties and is getting into unnecessary scandals. Recently, a pro gamer was accused of being dishonest, self-cancelling the contract and smurf.

Recently, a very long article appeared on the fact that some gamers were hired to play professionally. After that, these people arbitrarily release the contract when it has not yet expired. Attached to the article are lots of photos as evidence.

Through research, the owner of the article is the manager of a Wild Rift team. This person hired a number of players to compete, including CES Taku and CES Kyne.

Although there was a good treatment with the agreement, the two players unilaterally released the contract. In particular, this action has the support of a girl named Duyen – the person holding the contract.

When this story happened, the manager was not in the country so he could only let it go. However, he accused the CES player Kyne of unilaterally breaking the contract, smurf and deliberately “breaking” his efforts with Duyen and CES Bee1.

The community is quite tumultuous about this incident. Although similar dramas are not uncommon, this time related to Wild Rift – the game is quite new so it attracts a lot of attention.

Currently, the owner of the post has turned off the comment feature. The next information of the case will be updated by HYPRGAME as soon as possible.


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