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Icon Series SEA Summer 2021 tournament kicks off

Vberni Regalado

The Icon Series SEA Summer 2021 officially started on March 31 where 24 teams will compete for 4 tickets to the group stage.

Although it was only a qualifying round, a series of famous names such as Saigon Phantom and GameHome Esports appeared in the tournament. The focus of the first round was the clash between V Gaming and RNS Esports. The two teams have attended many tournaments of League of Legends: Wild Rift in recent years.

The Icon Series SEA Summer 2021 qualifying phase will play with the winning bracket, losing bracket, split 2 tables. The matches will be played with BO3 format on the weekend from April 3 to April 11. With the requirement that all participating players have a Diamond or higher rank, the qualifying round promises to be the place where many young talents of League of Legends will appear.

4 qualifying teams will enter the group stage, and will compete in a tournament worth 2.5 billion VND with Divine Esports, Team Flash, EGO Esports, VEC Fantasy and RSG. These are the teams that are invited based on 3 criteria including professional quality (from the registration team), the team’s communication plan and the team’s operating plan.

Notably, the teams participating in the group stage will receive support money from BTC worth more than 1 billion VND during the competition.

After the end of the Summer Tournament, the best teams from each region will participate in the international Super Summer tournament. Tournament details will be updated soon. Stay tuned to Hyprgame for more info on League of Legends: Wild Rift


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