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Divkid Punished for Bad Behavior, Leaving Team Flash Without AD

Vberni Regalado

Recently, the VCS suddenly announced punishment for two players, Nguyen “Slay” Ngoc Hung and Vo “Divkid” Thanh Tung.

Both players had improper behavior while playing in Korean rank, hence a penalty: the account ban at the Korean rank of Divkid and Slay until the end of 2021, and at the same time both players will not be allowed to play for the next game at the VCS Spring 2021.

This is indeed a very heavy punishment for Divkid and Slay, and extremely difficult for SE and FL. One team is struggling to get into the top 4 while the other is trying to stay relegated.

Immediately after the VCS punishment was given, both Divkid and Slay also made a move to apologize to the fans as well as the management team. FL’s situation was even more tragic as they did not have any sub for Divkid.

On the SE side, Coach Tinikun is not so insecure as coach Sergh when they have already recruited Venus – Reserve Support. However, Tinikun himself thinks that Venus is having performance problems and he needs time to recover. He decided to bring Kidz out to replace Slay’s position.

Either way, FL and SE will both face turbulent battles ahead when the main pillars are unable to play. And the results of these matches will directly affect their fate next season.


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