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Aster’s Boboka Arrested for Paying for Sex; to Miss Singapore Major

Vberni Regalado

Just when players got pulled out due to COVID-19, a player from Chinese team Aster found another way to miss the Major.

Boboka from Team Aster will skip the Singapore Major as he was arrested for soliciting prostitution in Shanghai, according to a Reddit user. Prostitution is illegal in China.

“About 12 hours earlier, there was rumor going around Chinese social media that Boboka was just arrested for soliciting prostitution in Shanghai. Because the news was first broken by a person with bad reputation and there was conflicting news about whether Boboka was released yet, most fans were skeptical,” the post said. 

According to the post, Aster’s official account posted a message saying Boboka will miss Singapore Major due to “personal reasons”. Coach “MAD” will replace him.

“The story is likely true, and Boboka will become the biggest meme in Chinese Dota community,” the post claimed. 

Boboka was allegedly arrested at an apartment. He was recognized by one of the police officers, who thought about letting him go. However, Boboka has already admitted paying 3000 RMB (~$400) for sex to other police.

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