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MidOne Released From OG, is Ana Coming Back?

Dethan Dario

Fans have already suspected that MidOne’s service for OG will not be that long, especially after they missed an opportunity to attend the Singapore Major despite being branded as the “Major Kings”.

Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng was reported to be parting ways with OG, according to a Twitter post uploaded by the organization.

“Sometimes even when you gave it your all, an adjustment is still needed.

@midonedota2’s talent and mischievous energy brought immense amounts of joy to everyone around him.

We all thank him immensely for everything he did for us.” the organization posted.

MidOne has contributed at least two grand finals appearance for the team in a year. However, unfavorable results made Ceb question the team’s synergy.

“Competitive synergy is something very unique and complex. Yeik is one of the best players we have played with, and we worked very hard for months and made a lot of improvements… but unfortunately it never “clicked”. It happens sometimes. We want to wish him the best of luck moving forward and hope he finds a great team where he can shine.” Said Ceb, also a co-owner of OG Esports.

Fans speculate that his removal from the team is strategic for an Ana comeback. One that is most awaited by the whole Dota 2 community.

It has been reported that Ana has been spamming pub games, something for fans to assume as a signal for his big comeback in the scene.


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