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Fnatic India Shutdown Still In Discussion

Dethan Dario

Despite numerous reports saying Fnatic has already shut down its operations in India, the team’s PUBG MOBILE coach says the organization is set to decide next week.

Fnatic has entered the PUBG Mobile scene in India as it saw an exponential growth of the game in its initial start in the country.

However, the story is now going down the drain as its investment is taking a great hit.

Rumors followed after India’s government has banned PUBG Mobile citing the app as “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of the state and public order.”

The ban traces back to September 2020 when the game was halted abruptly due to “privacy issues.”

Since then, PUBG Mobile has already had several relaunches but to no avail.

Following several relaunches, India has yet to announce decisions on the fate of the game.


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