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BTS Continues to Receive Penalties from VCS

Vberni Regalado

At the Vietnam Championship Series – LMHT Spring 2021, a lot of penalties were given such as reckless statement from players, or leaked confidential emails from the organizers. 

Yesterday, Burst The Sky Esports LoL team just made another mistake of being late and did not present the full lineup of members on time, so they will be fined in the 6th week of the competition.

More specifically yesterday, the confrontation between the Burst The Sky team and SBTC Esports took place at 5pm. However, it seems that BTS was unable to present the full lineup on time. This affected the match’s preparation time and airtime so they had to receive a penalty from the organizers.

And here is the penalty decision from the VCS organizers: Due to the retardment and can not present the full line up on time, Burst The Sky team will lose one ban in each game in the match against SBTC Esports.

Currently, BTS is ranked 7th with 1 win and 6 losses. The match against SBTC Esports will be quite important if they still want to stay relegated in this season. However, with every game losing one ban, it will cause many difficulties when facing this formidable opponent. 


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