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Valve Microtargets TNC for Nerfs?

Dethan Dario

In their recent viral combo in DPC, valve has yet again issued a patch nerfing Earthshaker and Morphling. This will be the second time for Valve to nerf both heroes because of TNC Pro Team – Dota2.

In the patch 7.28c, valve has dropped the nerf hammer on the heads of TNC’s Tims Randrup and Gabbidota by reducing the stun duration of Earthshaker’s Aftershock stun in half, a big patch for the hero.

TNC has showed their abusive combo in their match-up against Boom Esports where an aghanims-equipped ES and Morphling has may apply an ‘unlimited’ stun on opposing heroes.

The first patch where both heroes were nerfed was in 2019 where the same names capitalized with the Aghanims-equipped Morphling morphed into ES almost infinitely jumping in and out of clashes.


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