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Grimz Esports Was Caught Using An Underage Player

Dethan Dario

GRIMZ Esports are disqualified from competing at the PMCO S/A 2021 Grand Finals after getting caught of having three underaged players who falsified their documents to join the team.

“The players and teams concerned (Grimz Esports) have been disqualified from the Grand Final of PMCO 2021 Indonesia and banned one year from all of our official tournaments,” (translated) the statement said.

According to reports, underaged players from the team were identified after the organization uploaded photos of their roster.

The incident made it appear that Grimz did not do background checks with their players, given that a prestigious title is on the line.

This incident puts Grimz under a pressured situation as the team is fresh from disbanding its PUBG MOBILE team.


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