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Dignitas Caught Posting Unpaid Intern Jobs

Dethan Dario

How would it feel if you got a job during this pandemic? In the field of esports and in the team that you like? Maybe some of you feel happy being able to work, but there are also people who don’t agree with working without being paid.

Dignitas, an esports organization that has teams competing in League of Legends, CSGO, Valorant, Rocket League, Clash Royale and Smash recently posted an internal job vacancy. This intern works for 20 hours a week but is written as ‘unpaid’. The job desk is not simple enough, because the intern is the manager of their LoL player.

The post was immediately attacked by various people because it was deemed inhuman, especially Dignitas is a large organization that can and has as much money as the NBA team. One of the posts that received a lot of interaction was “You have as much money as the NBA team. It is a bad thing to expect someone to work in Los Angeles. If you have people working for even the lowest jobs, pay them.”

The post about job vacancies has been revoked by the Dignitas team.


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