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RRQ Athena Disbands Roster Amidst PMPL Invite

Dethan Dario

RRQ.Athena PUBG Mobile TH has recently announced that they have released BEER 11 GamingEarnnyRRQ.D2E, and RRQ.Senior from their roster. This, despite their standing invite for PMPL 2021.

In their official post, the organization bid their goodbye and good luck to the said members.

“FAREWELL BEER11, EARNNY, D2E, SENIOR” Earnny, and Kong beer will always remain our love, RRQ. Always ready to give our athletes a chance, although it is a pity to say goodbye, the agency thanks Beer, Ernst, and Kong for being part of RRQ ATHENA, who have created works and honours. With the team and many other works that have made the team famous to the world. Finally, we wish the four athletes good luck with the new path chosen.” the post said.

RRQ Athena has won several championships over the past years which names them a great contender in the pro-scene.

Since their invite for PMPL is still on the table, analysts think RRQ Athena is soon to sign new members.

Reasons for the disband remain unknown, but possible reason could be internal issues within the organization and the former roster.


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