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FLXB Thinks Former Flash Roster Is “Weak”

Dethan Dario

FL.XB thinks Team Flash did not lose anything in their roster revamp despite two key players leaving the team.

In their consecutive defeats in recent competitions, Team Flash has changed its roster which led to the team losing Elly and Datkoi.

“Although 2 members left, Team Flash still retains the framework with key positions,” FL XB mentioned in an interview.

FL XB also added that the team, recruiting Gray, even made their odds of winning even greater.

“In addition, my team also recruited Gray – a young factor possessing good skills so I think Team Flash will be stronger than last season.” FL XB told.

Beef between the former members of the team remains undisclosed, but FL XB’s statements is slightly forming a picture of rift with his ex-teammates.


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