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Is Cloud 9 Afraid of Alphari? Cloud 9 Bans 4 Top Lanes, A Direct Attack Against Alphari

Dethan Dario

In their LCS Lock-In 2021 grand finals match-up, Cloud9 banned four top lane champions, a direct insult to Team Liquid’s Alphari.

In their February 1 finals face-off, Cloud9 banned 4 top lane champions which forced Alphari out of his comfort zone in almost all the games in their series.

This banning phase move of Cloud9 caught everyone’s opinions, including Isaac CB (@RiotAzael) who tweeted a meme mentioning Alphari “took it personally,” pertaining to the bans.

Despite the bans, Alphari still managed to work his carry skills and was able to clinch a 3-2 win against Cloud9, a signal that he’s unstoppable despite any ban.


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