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Alter Ego Fans Gets The Middle Finger From Bren After M2 MLBB Match-Up

Dethan Dario

Bren Esports took Alter Ego fans’ trashtalks as a salt in the wound, and replies with a ‘middle finger’ in a video together with spicy comments.

In a video circulating online, a high intesity level of hate was shown by team Bren relating to the negative comments they received from their indonesian rivals’ fans.

A member from Bren mentions that they were already receiving hate comments from Alter Ego’s fans even when they were on their way up the stage.

After defeating Alter Ego, Bren added that the ‘salty’ fans were quick to leave the venue saying that the they did not want to hear retaliatory comments from Bren.

To take a revenge, a member from Bren mentioned that they should take a group picture with Alter Ego as their background just to emphasize more on their very easy win.


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