AcadArena Heads Plan Rebranding Strategy, Retirement of CONQuest Brand Announced


In the wake of the recent CONQuest Festival 2023 debacle, CEO Kevin Hoang and Co-Chief Executive Officer Ariane Lim have issued statements regarding the future of the once-promising event.

Taking to Facebook, both leaders expressed their decision to retire the CONQuest Festival brand indefinitely, citing the need for a complete reset following the overwhelmingly negative reception from fans and festival attendees.

The unfortunate turn of events unfolded on the festival’s second day when hordes of eager attendees found themselves unable to gain access to the venue due to the sheer volume of people.

Numerous allegations surfaced, suggesting that the organizers oversold tickets and failed to implement adequate logistics and crowd management strategies.

Regrettably, festival-goers were subjected to hours-long delays before finally entering the venue, resulting in a significant dampening of their overall experience. The frustration among attendees escalated when Justin Banusing, one of the co-founders of AcadArena, deactivated his Facebook account.

Compounding the issue, users unearthed Banunsing’s previous tweets, where he downplayed another festival’s similar mishap while assuring that CONQuest would provide a vastly superior experience.

Banusing has since issued an apology and pledged to refund affected individuals, yet some attendees remain dissatisfied and are demanding further recourse from the company.

AcadArena, a prominent esports and campus gaming organization based in the Philippines, has earned recognition for its tireless efforts in promoting and advancing esports within the academic community.

The organization primarily focuses on organizing tournaments, events, and programs catered to students and educational institutions.

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