Riot Games Hints VALORANT’s Newest Agent


Riot Games recently treated VALORANT players to a dev diary featuring executive producer Anna Donlon.

In the diary, Donlon revealed exciting news about the game’s future, specifically mentioning the introduction of two new agents later this year.

These upcoming agents will consist of one sentinel and one duelist.

The sentinel agent was described as someone capable of halting their enemies in their tracks and bringing them in for a closer encounter.

Sentinels belong to the defensive role category among the four roles that agents are divided into in VALORANT.

Their abilities are focused on providing defensive support and strategic advantages.

The teaser images accompanying the announcement suggest that the new sentinel agent will possess a tech-savvy nature, hinting at the possibility of utilizing other agents’ abilities against them.

While the dev diary did not provide specific release dates for the new agents, the community can look forward to their arrival in VALORANT later this year.

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