Overwatch 2’s PVE Content is scrapped, here’s why


Blizzard has announced that they have scrapped the highly anticipated PvE Hero mode for Overwatch 2

The mode, which was set to feature new hero abilities, co-op attacks, and a level progression system, proved to be more challenging to develop than expected.

Despite this setback, the game’s creative leads have promised that PvE content remains a focus for the game moving forward.

Executive producer Jared Neuss has stated that the team will still release exciting PvE experiences through a seasonal cadence.

In an effort to keep players engaged, Blizzard has announced plans for new story missions and single-player Hero mastery missions.

Blizzard acknowledges disappointment over scrapped PvE Hero mode in Overwatch 2 but assures fans of the ongoing commitment to PvE.

Exciting content is promised for future seasons. A significant change for Overwatch 2, but plenty of fresh content is expected.

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