Players Unhappy at Valve’s “Minor” Battle Pass Update


Players were unhappy at the “minor” update that Valve released on the 2022 Battle Pass due to low sales and slow progress.

Valve took action immediately after seeing the stagnating prize pool and level progress of the players themselves. After comparing it to previous Battle Passes, they concluded that the 2022 Battle Pass gave less progress than expected.

With these data, Valve gave out a minor update to the 2022 Battle Pass. However, players remained unhappy with the update.

They elaborated on the reason and the data they found within their blog post for the latest 2022 Battle Pass update. They compared the data with the previous Battle Pass and came to the conclusion that the “median amount” that has been earned was lower in the current Battle Pass.

Battle Pass Minor Update

As such, they added two new features to the 2022 Battle Pass to increase the players’ progress.

The first update was adding a new Weekly Bonus that grants player Battle Point whenever they completed a match. Even if they lose or win the match, they will gain Battle Points, with a cap of 2000 Battle Points per week.

Valve did not stop there, and added one more bonus feature to the Battle Pass.

They also tweaked the Weekly Quests to give much more Battle Points after completion. They also enabled the first Bonus Week Battle Chest to be available at 2 stars instead of 3 stars.

Unfortunately, players who had bought the 2022 Battle Pass still felt underwhelmed by the new update.

Some of the players pointed out that these updates only gave two additional levels per week. However, there were also arguments that casual players that did not play every day also benefitted from this update.

Since the update was still brand-new, some of the players were still holding judgment on whether the update was satisfactory or not.

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