Dota 2 Smurfs Still Rampant Despite Valve’s Ban Promise


People are now calling out Valve for breaking a promise!

Valve few weeks ago promised the community that it would provide a big change in the game, including banning smurfs to put a proper equilibrium in the game.

Fans however took notice of the falsity of this promise, especially the Reddit community.

Numerous Reddit users are claiming that they have been facing smurfs in their pub matches which made their games really hard.

“Idk about you all, but I have not seen a decrease in smurfs since the new patch where this was promised to be a bannable offense. Feels like yet another empty promise from Valve. Streamers are still rampantly smurfing and giggling at ruining low-mmr and new player’s games,” Reddit user u/Chevre_ wrote.

Another user raised the same issue concerning the smurfs.

“In the game people can’t stop calling each other “smurfs”. On reddit everyone is talking about “smurfs”. Youtube full of “smurfs”. I kinda understand if immortal top 50 professional player have other account which is like 5k. Yea it can ruin a game, but if its his legit second account, he cant play it? You cant have more accounts? If you take a mortal human beeing(not super immortal player). You are not allowed to make a new account and play from the start? Maybe switch between two later, as you want. Is it only if you buy an account thats not calibrated to your mmr or hidden rank? What is considered SMURF in dota?” he told which earned 46 comments mostly claiming that smurfs are disrupting the game’s calibration.

Another one claims that he’s no longer finding playing the game really interesting as these smurfs are making his every game really hard.

“I’m starting to find this game unplayable lately, I am a mid player in 2.5k and it seems like 90% of my games there is a smurf in the mid lane, I don’t want to complain but it’s just a bummer losing every single game against smurfs, does anyone else feel like this? (that there is an overwhelming number of smurfs) I know dota put a system where they detect smurfs but clearly it isn’t working.”

Following the claims, it seems Valve is taking a hit on its credibility especially that their false promise gave so much hope to many players who are being hurt by the smurfs.

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