Tu Dua’s Third Wife Creates Chaos Online


On her personal Facebook page, Lam Trang – the third wife of singer Tu Dua posted a status accusing her husband of acting like an “asshole”. She even used bad words to talk about him:

“Just because of the old story of your own child … I myself have to endure even I am pregnant,” she said.

She also affirmed, from this moment they will end their relationship.

“When I write here meaning I determined tomorrow there is nothing more… what I get from you is unworthy… and put an end to everything from today,” she wrote.

Immediately after that, she deleted her old status and posted another status.

“I deleted [the post] for relatives and people who love me. Not because I am afraid of anything.” Without waiting long, singer Tu Dua immediately posted a status to clear up: “Your culture will belong to what you create. If you do not respect my relatives, do not expect to receive anything back. Quick delete, create karma.”

Currently, the story is causing a stir in social networks and making the public extremely confused. Hyprgame is in contact with an insider to find out.

Male singer Tu Dua used to be a member of the group Qua Dua Hau. He has experienced two marriages with wushu athlete Thuy Hien and singer Phuong Ha.

In his previous two marriages he had three daughters. In 2014, he married for the third time with singer Lam Trang. Not long after that, Lam Trang gave birth to a baby boy. Currently, she is pregnant for the second time.

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