Often Bullying Other Singers, Iis Dahlia Gets a Dose of Her Own Medicine


Iis Dahlia has once again become the talk of the town. The juror with a sharp and spicy mouth was the target of netizens’ scorn because of a mistake she did.

Iis Dahlia, who appeared to be singing the Ramadan song, was suddenly caught mispronouncing the word Ramadan to become Marhabban.

No doubt this immediately became netizen gossip. It is not without reason that netizens bully this hot-mouthed singer. The reason is, Iis Dahlia herself often comments on the contestants’ singing methods with hurtful words.

The mistake in Iis Dahlia’s singing finally became the laughing stock of Indonesians, and went viral on various social media. What was unique was the response from Iis Dahlia regarding the bullying of netizens. Iis responded with gratitude and even thought that the blasphemy of netizens would be her reward in this holy month of Ramadan.

A few moments after the incident, Iis again made a sensation. She gave her personal disgrace to her son, Devano Danendra and also Salsha. Iis admitted that she was pregnant first when she married Satrio Dewandono 20 years ago.

This disgrace was also revealed in her personal vlog on the Isda Family YouTube channel so that many people finally found out about the disgrace. Iis said that when she got married, she was four months pregnant. She also experienced confusion at that time because her stomach could not be hidden.

Iis Dahlia also said that Yuni Shara was praying for her baby (Devano), who was currently in the womb, to “hide” for a while. Fortunately, at that time the baby was so obedient that IIs’ stomach looked small and could use the kebaya for midodareni and weddings.

It was clear that the look on the shocked faces of Iis’s two children when the mother revealed this. However, Iis further explained that it turned out that Iis and her husband had married on November 3, 2001 before being legally married in 2002. According to her, this was for the status of being legally valid in religion.

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