Seo Ye Ji’s Rude Manners Forced Her to Lose Her Job


Korean fans, especially those who like films from the country of Ginseng, know about the splashy scandal that has hit the Korean film industry. The player from the famous Korean drama titled “It’s Okay to Not be Okay” named Seo Ye Ji is involved in a violent scandal.

This scandal stemmed from the harsh treatment between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Hyun of Girls Generation. Kim Jung Hyun himself is Seo Ye Ji’s lover. His rude treatment not only happened to Seo Hyun, who was his co-star in the Korean drama, but also to the drama’s production crew.

Initially, netizens who found out about this were furious with Kim Jung Hyun who acted harshly. However, it has recently been revealed that it turned out that this rude action was ordered by Seo Ye Ji. Korean media, Dispatch released evidence of chat that was considered possessive and protective from Seo Ye Ji to Kim Jung Hyun.

The relationship between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji is now over, but the scandal that is happening is just getting heated. Some of Seo Ye Ji’s former assistants helped reveal her true personality. They stated that Seo Ye Ji was rude to the assistants.

The impact of this scandal not only reaped netizens’ disappointment with Seo Ye Ji, but also Seo Ye Ji was forced to lose her job. OCN, who initially used Seo Ye Ji as the main actress in their latest drama entitled Island, finally decided to replace Seo Ye Ji from that position. Several cosmetic and health supplement brands that used Seo Ye Ji as a model also deleted her photos from social media.

However, on April 14, 2021, someone claiming to be Seo Ye Ji’s former assistant gave a defense. He said that Seo Ye Ji often said thank you for his hard work. Seo Ye Ji also often greeted the stylist’s parents and had a lovely personality.

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