Atta Hated by Brother After His Marriage with Aurel


Who doesn’t know the Halilintar family. This family with the wealth of a sultan is indeed often talked about by the
Indonesian gossipers.

Recently, Atta Halilintar, the eldest son of the Halilintar family, married Aurel Hermansyah, the daughter of famous singers Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti. This wedding certainly attracted public attention, from decorations, souvenirs to invited guests. How could he not attract attention if Indonesia’s President Jokowi came to be an invited guest at the wedding.

Unfortunately, after getting married, Atta Halilintar was actually facing lopsided gossip. His younger brother, Tariq, revealed that his brother kicked himself out of Atta Halilintar’s residence. Tariq expressed his sadness about the expulsion.

Quoting from his Youtube channel, Thariq Halilintar revealed that Atta had forgotten his younger brother after getting married. Being expelled like that, Tariq immediately packed his clothes and all his equipment, such as a bed sheet and coffee machine, then returned to his own house.

Tariq Halilintar revealed that his expulsion was in accordance with the agreement made by the siblings. The agreement was that Tariq Halilintar only stayed for a week. The day when Tariq was expelled was right on the 8th day of his stay at his brother’s house.

Grumbling, Tariq complained that his brother had changed since he became Aurel Hermansyah’s husband.

“It is true when people have a wife, they forget the same person who was with him. He forgot his own brother,” said Thariq Halilintar on YouTube.

Tariq also decided to return to live in his own residence. The existence of Tariq’s parents and other siblings who are still in Malaysia makes Tariq feel lonely. This is because he was forced to live alone in his house which was like a palace.

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