EVOS Hero Pick Predictable, Boring?


The end of the Regular Season MPL Season 7 is near. EVOS Legends, which was in 1st place on Week 7 Day 2, dropped to 3rd place on Day 3 because of their defeat against ONIC Esports.

The defeat of EVOS Legends this time is not surprising, because EVOS seems to always use their usual hero drafts. This choice makes EVOS gameplay becomes readable by their opponent. In the third game, ONIC banned Angela and Diggie, the reliable heroes of EVOS Rekt. He is criticized for only being able to use those two Support Heroes. This makes EVOS inseparable from the accusation of having a limited hero pool.

Analyst from EVOS Legends, Taxstump, explained behind the team’s decision. “On the contrary. (This has to be done so) our strategy in the Playoff will not be discovered because we don’t pick any other heroes,” said Taxstump.

“You say our pick is boring? There is no problem. This is a competition, the important thing is we are looking for a win. Why use a weird hero combo if you don’t win?” added Taxstump calmly.

Choosing its reliable hero does make the team’s strategy easy to read, but using unique hero draft is also quite risky. One of them is ONIC Esports.

Even though they are known as using unique hero combination, they admit that they will not choose wildly if they are not sure.

The next target of the EVOS Legends Team is to catch up back to the top two in the Regular Season, so it will be easier for them to play in the Playoffs and their journey to the trophy is getting closer.

“It will be a good preparation because our mental will definitely be lifted. We have to maintain the good performance,” said Taxstump.”

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