RRQ Taunts Alter Ego at Match’s Last Second


In one of the Alter Ego’s matches last week, RRQ Hoshi taunted at the Alter Ego’s base.

At the last match of MPL ID Season 7 Week 7 Day 2 (10/04), RRQ Hoshi already excelled in the early minutes. R7 carried out his continuous attack to Ahmad until he knocked back. Thus, RRQ Hoshi secured their first game point. In the second game, Alter Ego tried to get their resistance back. Again, they were shook by the RRQ gameplay.

While Alter Ego almost wiped out and left LeoMurphy alone in the arena, Alberttt and his friends did recall near him. Unfortunately for Leo Murphy, he was immediately caught and slaughtered, leaving the base empty without defense. The RRQ team circled Alter Ego’s main base while destroying it. RRQ Hoshi won by a score of 2-0.

This incident was cheered by the MPL ID casters. “What social media said turns out real. Taunting in ranked: NO! Taunting in MPL: YES! ” said the caster ‘Ranger Emas’. The MPL audience and fans celebrated the RRQ Hoshi’s action. “Pok ame-ame, grasshopper butterfly*. You win (act) choke, (but) if you lose ask for respect.” chanted the audiences to Alter Ego team.

Are you also celebrating RRQ Hoshi’s victory? Or still rooting for Alter Ego’s comeback?

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