Chef Wan & Daughter Serina Plays Blaming Game; Accuse Each Other of Lying


The father-daughter drama continues!

Serina’s wedding which was supposed to have served her happiness turned otherwise as drama reeked out of her supposed celebration.

Last week, Chef Wan, announced publicly that he would not fund his daughter’s second wedding. Surprisingly, Serina had already gotten married!

Many were confused early this week after the father and daughter’s exchange of words after both have exposed different stories about their issue.

On April 9, Serina had posted a photo showing that she had already gotten married. She also mentioned that her father, Chef Wan, already gave his blessing.

The actress also hoped to have her wedding celebration in one of his father’s restaurants.

Despite many fans congratulating Serina, Chef Wan on the other hand showed a different story on his Instagram.

“In the past 2 weeks, (Serina) insisted on throwing a wedding before the fasting month,” the celebrity chef said. “She said ‘Rina has already married in Siam, Pa!’ My heart was struck by lighting then.” he told.

Apparently, the marriage was only done to make it official in Malaysia. “I have never prevented her from getting married,” the chef exposed online.

This expose did not sit well with Serina which forced her to make a statement herself on Instagram saying that her father already had prior knowledge about the wedding.

“In fact, (Chef Wan) has already blessed our relationship and offered to let us have our ceremony and doa selamat at his restaurant,” she refuted.

The actress also claims that she was surprised about his father’s accusations saying that Serina already got married in Siam. “If you think about it, logically, the borders are still closed,” she told.

“I always respect my father. We never had any problem before this,” she added, saying that many people were feeding her father false information.

Despite having an apologetic tone, her father Chef Wan did not want to end the issue as he even exposed photos of his conversations with Serina which showed that he told his daughter to wait until October before having the marriage.

“If you’d told the truth, no one would slander and think the worst of you,” he said, adding that there were at least three to four people who told him about Serina getting married in Siam.

“I have exposed the truth so that the public is aware. From now onwards, it’s no longer my responsibility. I have washed my hands off (it),” he added, saying that his daughter’s decisions are hers, and that he has nothing to do with them anymore.

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